Frequently Asked Questions

CDX is the ONLY full service resource in both digital and disc distribution of new Country Music!

We deliver your new single to all Country Radio stations, programming services and satellite companies, radio programming consultants, trade press and other industry professionals. Only CDX brings labels & artists FULL service options across all mediums.

How does CDX work?

CDX digitally distributes new Country Music singles being released by major labels and independent artists through our proprietary InstaTrack download delivery system to radio decision makers and Country Music industry personnel.  Additionally, because radio programmers overwhelming still use our CDX disc to listen to new Country Music, we also send a compilation CD out on the third Monday of every month with the singles submitted for that particular CDX volume.  The mailing of the hard copy CD is accompanied by a digest blast of all the singles contained on the CD for yet more exposure.

Who uses CDX?

Over the years we have worked with virtually every major star in Country Music in distributing their singles to radio and industry decision makers. In addition to our work with every major label in Country Music, CDX partners with hundreds of leading independent artists and music companies. If you are a Country artist, label or producer, CDX is the next step in getting your music to the key radio decision-makers in the Country Music industry.

Why use CDX?

Delivery Methodology

Our up-to-date database of Country Radio programmers and decision makers from around the world is the most comprehensive list of its kind in existence.

In addition to the hard disc compilation, CDX offers a digital download service, phone app, and email delivery, making us the only Country Music radio distribution to span all relevant medium.

Radio is still, by far, the way most people hear new music. Here are some interesting stats from iHeart Media’s CEO Bob Pittman.

Statistics of Radio’s Reach
• Radio is the #1 reach medium in America with a 93% reach vs 85% for TV.
• TV reach among millennials is 75% while radio’s reach is 93%.
• Google, Facebook and iHeart – the only three companies with audiences over 200M monthly.
• 95% of iHeart radio listening is from terrestrial radio.
• Broadcast radio is up 10% year-over-year in iHeart’s PPM markets.
• There are 1B radios in the US and 175M smart phones.

“Radio is about companionship. When you are listening to the radio, you are listening to your best friend.”
Source: February 4, 2016

Press and Appearance Exposure

We host and record artist performance visits in our Nashville office and include those performance videos on our highly-visited CDX homepage. We give our clients the footage for free for their own promotional use.

No other service for distribution of Country Music to radio has the ability to offer radio partners a comprehensive download center of over 25 years’ worth of hit Country Music releases. Because of this, our radio download center encourages regular website traffic of radio decision makers to our site. We pass that benefit along to our clients by sharing their press releases and in-office promotional videos on both our website and our social media network. More exposure for YOU and YOUR music!

International Delivery

Country Music is a valued and respected musical genre in many parts of the world. International musical tastes are often more varied and eclectic than those in the States thus more open to less conventional music and artists.  Numerous independent artists find success abroad that is sometimes is more elusive at home. 

The Country Music Association is the Country Music industry’s leading trade organization.  Through a partnership with CMA, CDX services the CMA International member DJ’s/presenters throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. Having this trusted source to deliver your music internationally could open up new markets for your music.

How Much Does it Cost?

Though over the years we have added many benefits and services, we have never raised our prices. To get your music out through multiple channels to Country Music radio and industry executives is still only $1400.

Want to know more about who exactly receives CDX and how? Read more at our About Us page HERE.