It’s important to be prepared when getting your music out to radio. Below, we have listed some helpful steps in making sure you are ready for distribution!

1. It’s About The Music

Make sure you have recorded music that is excellent and competitive production-wise with what you hear on the radio. Radio programmers and listeners care about music that they relate to and that moves them in some way, either through a great upbeat track or through powerful lyrics. It is always good to have fresh ears to help pick your song from unbiased music fans or professionals. Just because it is your favorite song (or your mother’s favorite song), or it gets the best live response, does not mean it is the right track for radio. Remember, you’ll want to connect to the core demographic of your music’s format. Does your song or album connect with that?

2. But It’s Not Just About Music

It is a given that your photos, website and online presence should sparkle as you take your song to radio. Equally important is defining what will make you stand out as an artist. With thousands of singles and albums going for radio airplay, your story – and how you tell it – will play a major role in your ultimate success. Why should programmers care about you and your music?

3. Build Your Social Media Following

Now more than ever, it is important to make sure you grow your fanbase through social media. Every chance you have, you should let people know about your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any social accounts you have. Make sure to stay active, creating new posts multiple times a week, which will keep your followers up-to-date with your upcoming dates and new music releases.

4. Get It Together: Your Budget+Business Plan

Every start-up venture should have a written game plan and your music promotion is no different. Bring in experienced record promoters or music marketers to help define your budget and set realistic, attainable goals for at least one full year. Where do you want to be in six months? Two years?

5. Develop A Local/Regional Audience

Performing regularly in your hometown and surrounding area allows you to develop a fan base that you can grow as you take your music to bigger audiences with radio airplay. A loyal following provides online interaction and engagement that helps prove to radio programmers that they should be interested in you and your music. It also give you an opportunity to become a better performer, as national airplay will provide future performance opportunities, for which you will want to be prepared. How is your local following?

6. You Will Need A Radio Promotion Team Or A Plan For DIY

Bring on a reputable promotion company that works specifically with stations playing music from independent artists and labels. Programmers respond to promoters that they know and respect. The right relationships can effectively move your single to the head of the line as new music is evaluated. For artists seeking to achieve charting positions on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart or monitored Billboard and Country Aircheck charts, you may need multiple promoters on your single. Who’s on your team?

7. Be Prepared To Hit The Road

Embarking on a scheduled radio tour is one of the most effective strategies an artist can use to help build momentum for a release. When you’re planning the timeline for your promotion, build in several weeks to visit radio stations and meet programmers face-to-face. You will also typically be interviewed on the air, so it is a great way to connect with listeners directly. Ready to go?